Herbert Carey George Batten + Frances Eleanor Beardmore

No children
Birth: March 3, 1849 34 32Yeovil, Somerset, England
Death: November 26, 1926Yeovil, Somerset, England
John Batten the younger
Birth: February 17, 1815 37Yeovil, Somerset, England
Death: November 8, 1900Hollands, Yeovil, Somerset, England
Birth: 1817Bath, Somerset, England
Baptism: January 24, 1817Walcot, Somerset, England
Death: between July 1883 and September 1883Yeovil, Somerset, England
Birth: between April 1858 and June 1858Fareham, Hampshire, England
Death: between January 1894 and March 1894Bedminster, Somerset, England

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Marriage between July 1878 and September 1878
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