Andrew White, 15661591 (aged 25 years)

Birth before 1566 26

MarriageMargaret FinglassView this family

Birth of a sonNicholas White
about 1583 (aged 17 years)
English King
Elizabeth I
from November 17, 1558 CE (November 27, 1558) to March 24, 1603 CE (April 3, 1603) (aged 37 years)

Death 1591 (aged 25 years)

Family with parents
Family with Margaret Finglass
Shared note

Andrew Whyte of Leixlip, who, in 1591 was called by the Lord Deputy in his letter to Burleigh, "the special ringleader of all Romish and Spanish factions," with a recommendation that as he was "now in England, it would be prudent to deta in him." Andrew Whyte of Leixlip had a second son, whose name is not given, who was sent by Sir Nicholas Whyte to be brought up at Cambridge and the English Court.

When the Chancellor of Ireland died in 1573, Sir Nicholas claimed the office in right of his appointment as Master of the Rolls, but the English Government not approving this, sent over "Dr. John White of Oxford" to fill this post.

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